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    Pre-College Summer Program Application for Parents

    Welcome to Tulane University's Pre-College Programs parent application! To begin an application, please fill out the form below. After submitting this form, you and your student will receive instructions on logging into the Student Portal in order to complete and submit the application with their supporting materials.

    Students - click here to start your own application.

    For more information on deadlines and required items, please visit
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    Are you or another parent/guardian of the student an alumnus/a of Tulane University?*
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    You will not be able to submit the application starter until you adjust your session and/or course selections based on the red help text in the form.
    • Students can only have one experience type per session.
    • The Career Explorations in Architecture program is only offered as a residential experience.
    After pressing the submit button below, you and your student will receive an email with your student's PIN to access the student portal and view their application status.
    • Students in grades 8-11 will need to log into their portal to complete the rest of their application.
    • Students in grades 5-7 will only need to log into their portal to complete the financial aid application if you indicated you were interested in applying for financial aid.
    Within 24 hours you will receive an email to access the parent portal where you can view and manage your students' applications.